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Premier Prospects Production Sale

Join us for an in person sale preview on June 23rd and June 24th 2023 from 10am-5pm MDT

A steak lunch and Dutch oven potatoes will be provided during the preview.

On June 23th at 8am MDT, we will begin our Annual Online Production Sale. Our current lineup of horses includes some beautiful yearlings and 2yr olds from our best mares. Buyers MUST be registered in order to bid.

The first lot will close at approximately 5pm MDT on June 24th with each successive lot ending 10 minutes later. It is anticipated that the Auction will be completed by 8pm on June 24th.

Once you have created an account don’t forget to add payment information. This can be done on the My Account page. You will not be able to bid in the auction without adding a valid payment method.

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