How it Works

Step 1: Navigate to the registration page by using the main menu.

Step 2: Fill out all required fields, your personal information is protected by our privacy policy.

Step 3: From the side menu on the ‘My Account’ page, select ‘Payment methods’. Then select ‘Add payment method’ and continue filling in your payment information.

Note: Valid payment information is REQUIRED before you are able to bid.

Step 4: From the side menu on the ‘My Account’ page, select ‘Addresses”. Click ‘Add’ and fill out the Billing Address form.

Step 5: From that same page, select ‘Add’ under the Shipping Address heading. Then continue filling out the Shipping Addess form.

Once that information has been entered…

You have successfully registered to bid!

Step 6: Find the horses you are interested in, and add them to your watchlist. You may now bid incrementally once the auction begins, or set a max bid. This will allow the computer to increase your bid each time you are outbid, up to a set maximum of your choice. This way you don’t miss out on that special horse while you’re out doing chores!

Note: Bids are accepted only in $100 increments.

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