Bringing you our best for over 40 years





Caring for horses for more than 30 years, Hillman Quarter Horses is one of the oldest equestrian farms around.
We're not just passionate about horses and riding, we're passionate about people that love horses.

Hillman Quarter Horses is dedicated to breeding and raising quality horses that are not only beautiful, but beautiful to be around as well.  We like good dispositions, hard working and athletic horses, we hope you do too.

Ranch Raised Quality

All of our horses are born and raised right here on our ranch.  They foal at our home place in Hamer, Idaho and then travel by trailer to the mountains of Kilgore, Idaho to run with thier mothers.  Running in Kilgore provides experiences that they can't learn in a corral.  They learn to cross creeks, bogs, downfall and most importantly, they learn how to run!!  Have you ever purchased or rode a horse that had only ever been in a corral or arena?  They do not know how to move freely.  Our horses learn how to move freely and to travel rough country while providing you with a smooth and comfortable ride.